Visa media kits

Our media kits provide you with the latest brand assets, including the Visa logo, images and B-roll footage, as well as highlights on our global payments network, commerce solutions and more.

Corporate media kit

Our corporate media kit provides a complete overview of everything Visa.

Contactless Payments media kit

Tapping to pay is the future of secure, convenient and touch-free payments at the point of sale.

Visa Direct media kit

Visa Direct empowers end users, businesses and clients to quickly move money around the world, helping transform global money movement.

7.5 B

transactions processed²

500 +

enablers supporting Visa Direct solutions across 2,800 programs enabled around the world

190 +

countries and territories reached through a network of 15+ card-based networks, 70+ domestic payment schemes, 10+ real-time payment schemes and 5+ payment gateways