Dika Mem

Dika Mem

At a glance

  • Sport: Handball
  • Country: France
  • Date of Birth: August 31, 1997

About the athlete

Dika began his youth handball career at a local club before making the jump to the senior division with a leading French club at the age of 17, just four years after picking up the sport.

In his first season in the elite French league, Dika made a splash netting 93 goals in 25 games, skyrocketing him to the top of the international handball scene. His successes led him to a leading Spanish club in 2016, where he has remained ever since. In recent years, he has taken a key role on the team, leading them to back-to-back European tournament wins in 2021 and 2022 and earning a spot on the tournament all-star team both years.

Dika began playing for his country in 2016 and he has since made 103 appearances, scoring 330 goals. Along with his team, Dika has achieved significant championship success including bronze medals in the 2018 European championships and the 2019 world championships, a silver medal at the world championships in 2023 and gold medals at the world championships in 2017 and the European championships in 2024. Dika has also won gold for France at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Dika will return to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 looking to reclaim the gold medal.

Notable achievements

  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Gold Medal
  • 2024 European Championships – Gold Medal
  • 2019 World Championships – Bronze Medal

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