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Clients accelerate business with push-to-debit and Visa Direct


customers surveyed would opt in for real-time payments when available¹

100 %

increase in merchants offering push-to-debit via TabaPay’s system, enabled by Visa Direct²


industries and use casesenabled by TabaPay for real-time* push-to-debit

Payment processor moves money in real time,* whenever it’s needed

TabaPay’s real-time* money movement capability helps merchants grow. In just two years, the card payments processor has built a reputation for providing easy-to-deploy, innovative merchant solutions, solving the intersection of fast money transfer and security. TabaPay provides unique banking services for lenders, banks, brokers, prepaid card programs and money services businesses with tools for risk management and card acceptance. Clients depend on TabaPay to meet increasing demand for secure, low-cost, real-time* access to funds across a variety of industries. With debit card use on the rise, TabaPay uses Visa Direct and Visa’s network to help enable push-to-debit and pull-from-debit services anytime and at low, transparent rates.
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My fiancé will be getting a surgery that will take him out of work for a month or so, and his pay will be reduced during that time. [Push-to-debit] will help tide us over to pay for week-to-week household items…

Eric, Maryland Earnin user

Challenge: Getting up to speed quickly in a crowded financial services market

The worlds of lending, money services businesses, brokerages and payroll are increasingly driven by convenience, flexibility and speed of funds access. No matter what the industry, customers want access to their funds 24/7. For TabaPay’s clients to remain competitive, they need to keep innovating and move funds quickly, reliably and securely to any debit card, at any time – even outside of banking hours. To meet these needs, TabaPay set out to build a payout option that combines the cost savings of ACH, the guaranteed nature of wire transfers and the speed, coverage and on-demand availability of push-to-debit/pull-from-debit, so their clients could better serve customers with immediate needs.

Solution: Innovating funds transfers to help clients stand out

TabaPay decided to tap Visa Direct to help enable clients to securely disburse loans or payouts in real time,* directly to the recipient’s Visa debit card. Clients like lenders, check cashers, currency exchange companies and money order and remittance handlers can now release funds to customers’ cards faster,* even when outside of banking hours. Push-to-debit saves on check or ACH handling times, helping set clients apart from their competition. Compared to other solutions, Visa Direct offers simple, direct connectivity and payouts to a card that’s already in most people’s wallets.

Result: Delivering real value for a large and diverse client base

TabaPay’s push-to-debit solution enabled by Visa Direct combines the ubiquity of a card that’s already in the wallet of most Americans with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of use cases. For TabaPay, this adds up to an incredible business opportunity, and a great way to help clients offer value to their customers.

"It has really energized our business and our merchants’ business. The number of [push-to-card transactions] has increased by about 5% each month since we launched in February 2018, which is shocking. And that’s every merchant."

Manoj Verma, CRO and Co-Founder, TabaPay
Each month, clients report new use cases,³ like early wage access, milestone-driven payments on projects, real-time* return of rent deposits, tip payouts, real-time* remittances, credit card payoffs and more. With on-demand, push-to-debit payments enabled by Visa Direct, TabaPay is building a dependable, innovative brand and a strong, diverse client base.

*Actual funds availability depends on receiving financial institution and region.