Building trust starts with powerful protection

With Visa’s world-class security and innovative AI capabilities, you can focus on running your business instead of fighting fraud.

Boost your revenue

Reduce false declines that can push customers away from your brand and drive higher approval rates.

Remove friction

Prioritize quickly recognizing good customers and confidently accepting their orders without the need for additional identification.

Save time and money

Control costs by embracing the power of AI to automate and accelerate fraud decision making and risk scoring.

Instill customer trust

Store sensitive payment data in Visa’s secure datacenters to mitigate damage from data breaches and account takeover by fraudsters.

Expand confidently

Decrease risk when entering new regions or markets with a deeper understanding of the space and the potential for fewer declined transactions.

Promote customer loyalty

Build enjoyable, personalized payment experiences that bring customers back again and again.

Let us help take fraud off your plate

Our powerful solutions can help you focus on the 99% of transactions that are genuine so you can give those customers a seamless, secure shopping experience.¹

Protection at every stage of the journey

Help instill customer confidence—and build up your own defenses—at every stage of the payments journey with our powerful fraud solutions.

98.7 %

of clients who use our flagship fraud solution don't rely on manual reviews³

70 bps

Decrease in fraud seen by merchants leveraging our platform⁴

2.97 %

average boost in approval rates⁵

Ready to open up to new possibilities?

Learn how our payments solutions can support you.

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