Transform public disbursements with digital payout solutions from Visa

Public sector organizations are transforming public disbursements with digital payment capabilities, to create more effective, responsive and inclusive programs, while reducing costs.

Deliver support, quickly and simply

With flexible options to disburse funds digitally to cards, accounts or digital wallets, governments can deliver an enhanced experience for payout recipients, while helping to reduce costs and increase program impact.


Simplify the payout experience for recipients, including the unbanked


Streamline payout costs and processes


Deliver funds when and where they are needed, at home or abroad


Enhance visibility over payouts and insights about how they are used

Discover the opportunity of digital disbursements in the public sector

Public disbursement programs are a significant policy tool, enabling governments to address social and economic goals and to fulfill their public mandate. Learn how digital payment capabilities can have a transformative impact on disbursement programs.

Next-generation government disbursement programs

Management consulting leader Kearney evaluates the potential of digital payments in the public sector.

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Reimagining humanitarian aid delivery

A research study from Devex looks at best practices for providing flexible options for local and situational needs.

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Digital disbursements and urban resilience

The Resilient Cities Network explores how digital payout capabilities can help cities respond to crises and chronic challenges.

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The money movement revolution

Visa Direct makes it possible for fast and secure payments to move around the world.

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Future-ready disbursement strategies

Learn insights on how governments can build modern disbursement systems for crisis events.

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Serving vulnerable groups

Learn how government innovators are reaching those in need with digital benefit disbursements, including the unbanked.

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How Governments are putting digital disbursement capabilities to work

Public sector organizations are implementing digital solutions to deliver funds quickly and securely across a wide range of use cases, from enhancing social welfare and fiscal stimulus programs domestically, to delivering pensions or disaster relief abroad.

Visa offers flexible and scalable digital disbursement solutions for a wide range of public sector use cases

Physical and virtual cards

Visa Prepaid cards can offer effective and flexible solutions for a wide range of programs, including disbursements to recipients without access to a financial account.

Visa Prepaid overview

Discover the advantages of card-based disbursements for program administrators and their constituents.

Inclusive disbursements for the unbanked

Physical and virtual cards offer an effective way to deliver funds to constituents outside the financial system.

Spending visibility and program controls

Card-based disbursement programs can provide enhanced insights and controls over how public benefits are spent.

A robust ecosystem of digital disbursement capabilities

In governments’ efforts to implement effective digital disbursement programs that meet the needs of both beneficiaries and administrators, a complete digital payments ecosystem can help deliver the specialized requirements of public sector payments.
Infographic that shows how communication, operations, and Product solutions come together. See image description for details.

The diagram shows a wheel in Visa gold and blue colors to illustrate a robust ecosystem of digital disbursement capabilities.

The graphic shows how the Operational aspects, Communications and Product solutions come together to form an ecosystem of capabilities and to illustrate how the technical capabilities, accessibility and user-experience can be addressed.

Communications include financial education, end-user outreach, visibility and program monitoring. Operational Aspects include implementation, governance and risk mitigation. Product Solutions include digital payment solutions and inclusive design.

Disbursements ecosystem overview

Visa can help governments to bring together services and technology providers from across the digital disbursements value chain, helping them to access the payment resources and specialized expertise needed for their program objectives:

  • Digital payment solutions and capabilities
  • Implementation and operational expertise to effectively implement and execute disbursement programs
  • Effective communications, training and monitoring to maximize the impact and effectiveness of digital disbursements programs

* Visa Direct:

Deliver simple and flexible public disbursements

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