Payments intelligence for effective policymaking

Visa Government Insights Hub uses anonymized and aggregated payments data to offer unique snapshots of macroeconomic and microeconomic trends, empowering governments to create effective policies and monitor impact.

Enable data-driven policymaking

Agencies and policymakers can use the Insights Hub to make data-driven decisions to uplift their economies and communities:

Strengthen policy development

Create policies using insights from aggregated and anonymized payments data to drive economic impact.

Drive operational efficiencies

Gain fast access to relevant insights to improve planning, optimize resources, and reduce costs.

Increase public trust

Design more inclusive policies and services through a deeper understanding of behaviors and trends.

See how governments around the world are using payments intelligence


Travel and tourism

Inform efforts to promote and grow tourism.

Spend snapshot — Get an at-a-glance summary of spending trends, compare year-over-year changes, and filter data by business or leisure spending

Visitor origin — Identify the countries and territories driving the most visitors and spend and compare how trends in originating corridors have changed over the past three years

Market segment — View visitor spending by market segments and see how each segment’s performance has changed over the past three years

Custom query — Run ad hoc queries to extract additional metrics cut by multiple different dimensions


Small business insights

Find opportunities to strengthen the small business sector.

Small business health snapshot — Get an at-a-glance summary of key performance indicators for small businesses

Industry comparison — Evaluate the performance of small businesses across different industry segments and geographical areas

Regional overview — Compare total spend amounts at small businesses and year-over-year growth by geographical area

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With the Visa Government Insights Hub, public-sector policymakers and agencies can unlock the power of payments data to uplift the economies and communities they serve.