From Local to Global: Building a Borderless Network for Banks

Norman Butler and Parikshit Bhattacharya reveal the infrastructure needed to move money across borders at the scale and speed we’ve come to expect.
Portrait of Parikshit Bhattacharya


We put our money in banks to keep it safe, and maybe watch it grow. But now that the digital revolution is here, and we’ve gotten a taste for real-time money movement, we want that same ease to be in place when we bank. To show us how it’s done, Indre Viskontas is speaking with Norman Butler, the Managing Director of Visa Payments Limited, and Parikshit Bhattacharya, who is the VP and Head of Cash Management of the Middle East at Barclays, about the the infrastructure necessary to support moving money across borders, with different currencies, at the scale and speed that we now expect. So press play and get ready for this insightful episode of Money Travels, brought to you by Visa.

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